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Anchor Bolt Source – Anchor Bolt Basics

February 6, 2008 7:47 am

          Anchor bolts are used for many different applications, but before jumping into that the first thing that should be explored is; what is an anchor bolt? An anchor bolt is used to make connections between an object or structure to concrete. They form a long lasting and strong bond between the two objects. An anchor bolt is usually embedded into masonry or concrete and is usually used for structural support. Anchor bolts are being used more and more as time goes on for various applications. This will most likely keep increasing because of the new and innovative uses and designs that have been coming out for anchor bolts.

          Without going into the details of each type of anchor bolt, there are some basic things you should know about them. Anchor bolts come in many different shapes and designs, most of these designs are proprietary to certain manufacturers. This means that a manufacturer has claimed the rights to making that certain design of anchor bolts. Although the style and design may differ between manufacturers the way they are used is basically the same with each. More on the different types of anchor bolts later.

          Anchor bolts can be used in various situations. You’d be surprised at how many things that you pass by everyday that most likely use anchor bolts or some type of construction fastener to support it structurally. With all the possible uses for anchor bolts their frequency in use is rising all the time; especially with manufacturers designing and producing different types of anchor bolts everyday. Anchor Bolt Source provides high-quality, nonstandard anchor bolts and construction fasteners. For more information please visit the Anchor Bolt Source website.

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